Patents are complicated business. Good results require a thorough understanding of the client’s business objectives, the client’s technology, and the legal and practical peculiarities of the United States Patent Office. The effective patent practitioner must regularly interact with management, technical, and legal personnel, and synthesize these various viewpoints into patent filings that reflect a purposeful, directed intellectual property strategy. Successful patent efforts demand a significant investment of time, rigorous attention to detail, and an ability to communicate with different professionals.

To deliver commercially useful patents in this environment, we regularly engage with clients throughout all stages of strategic planning and inventive activity. At the same time, we maintain a paperless office using a secure, web-accessible data center so that clients can enjoy seamless collaboration in the patent process.

Broader legal support is provided through working relationships with like-minded professionals. This includes attorneys skilled in licensing, transactions, diligence, and disputes involving property, as well as non-attorney professionals such as draftsmen and search agents who commonly participate in the process of obtaining patents.